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there is a nasty something at all
by wasi at 2019/4/21(日) 13:15:17 No.20190421125405 コメント】  削除 引用

I don't believe there is a god who give people's wish.
But there is an evil like something.

by wasi at 2019/3/30(土) 09:06:27 No.20190330085152 コメント】  削除 引用

You don't have to care what kind of car did I chose !
There is a nasty people everywhere.
If you want get it, you must buy it by yourself.
It's perfectly natural isn't it?
You didn't give anything for me.
I don't want any relationship with you at all.
And I don't want to see your face for the future.
Don't you think so?
I really want to shout it to him.

How did you live?
by wasi at 2019/3/29(金) 22:24:10 No.20190329214314 コメント】  削除 引用

" I tried to everything very hard! ".
I can't say it.
I think that I was if anything a loose worker.
After marriage got two girls and owed big loan.
I needed to work harder.

When I took a look at myself in the mirror some morning.
There was an old man who look at me straightly.
And thought to myself " Hi there,how did you live? ".
I have two type of friends.
Living with" Dragging the past " type.
And " If it's good so I'm fine! " type.
Maybe I'm different from both.
" I'm not able to always satisfied. " type.
It's  been pretty tired.

by wasi at 2019/3/24(日) 20:49:40 No.20190324204914 コメント】  削除 引用

I've often dreamed and I see your eyes in the dream.
They filled my heart with happiness.
And they answered for all my longing to you.
I've always lived in my fantasy.
So I had no chance and courage to take you away.
But you took my hand and you made me understand.
"Our two dreams will be able to get together.".
And now it's a morning and as I wake up and I see your eyes.
They are my reason they are my answer now.
Then I just living my life in fantasy.
memorable women
by wasi at 2019/3/21(木) 08:17:41 No.20190321074720 コメント】  削除 引用

Of course I've some but I've no one for regret.
I believe all of them were able to get better partner than me.
I think they are loved enough from their hus.
I was able to live a wonderful life.
And I wasn't able to make it  without others cooperation.
If my wife was different woman.
Maybe I couldn't make it.
I likely to lived different way of life.
I don't think about it's wrong way of life.
But I didn't have this style of life with other wife.
I think their life is as same as mine.
Life way needs a help of partner's character.

it's not easy for me
by wasi at 2019/3/19(火) 04:12:09 No.20190319041112 コメント】  削除 引用

What should I do.
I'm really lost my way of the life.
I've lived straightly to my thought.
I believed when I did good for people was all correct until now.
But when I was able to get a different view.
I was able to understand that wasn't correct.
And that made me a man who can't find a right way of people.
My action is right or not for him?
I had never thought about it before.
" you should think about if you were him." I was told it from wife.
But he has very wide capacity of acceptance.
And I have very narrow eye sight of life way.
So those pressed me in the crate.
I can't move easy like before.
"go to abroad " for me.
by wasi at 2019/3/14(木) 09:45:58 No.20190314093812 コメント】  削除 引用

First time of my abroad was Hawaii for honeymoon.
I had never been to imagine I go to abroad somewhere.
I lived Fukagawa when I was childhood.
My young uncle often took me to the Haneda airport to see the planes.
So airplane wasn't thing to get on for me.
They were things to see for me long time.
But first experience changed my mind of abroad trip.
I saw a dad who make a checkin himself.
He was very cool for me.
I really thought that " I wanna be like him!".
It was a start of my dream.

I often think about....
by wasi at 2019/2/16(土) 22:39:13 No.20190216220658 コメント】  削除 引用

When I have free time.
Without noticing I think about it.
Maybe he may haven't thought anything.
If he knows what I think about.
He must be says " Don't do that again!".
I can understand what he says.
But I have only him.
I chased up him long time in my way.
I thought that I was able to catch him at last.
And yet he gets through of my hands.
He was always so.
I thought that he was always waiting me at home.
Certainly he was there but sitting high seat.
I was always wanted to catch up.
Even though I arrived to you at last.
There is an invisible evil or something.
I had been feeling it for a long time.

by wasi at 2019/2/8(金) 08:12:33 No.20190208075729 コメント】  削除 引用

by wasi at 2019/2/6(水) 17:45:29 No.20190206173210 コメント】  削除 引用

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